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best after we arrived in nyc last week, Vlad and I checked in the hotel, spruced up, and were on our way to meet Rebecca Minkoff. meeting the designer behind a handbag line that has a huge following was a little bit nerve-wrecking, yet Rebecca could not have been much more down to earth. We got to the showroom before Rebecca made it, and perused her spectacular spring/summer handbag line. I insisted that Vlad began to either jot down or make mental notes of the bags I had to have, the bags my family members had to have, and the bags that we would tell everyone they have to have. Touching the leathers, admiring the colors, and learning the designs is an easy task, when a handbag line is as beautiful as Rebecca Minkoff’s. When Rebecca and her beautiful pr gal Jill arrived, we all hit it off. We sat down to speak with Rebecca about how she got where she is today and where she plans on going. and while her handbag line is thriving, Rebecca still sees herself as an ordinary gal. Yet she is so much much more than ordinary, as are her designs. We had the pleasure of interviewing Rebecca Minkoff to let you into incredible designer that is going nowhere but up. Genießen!

PB: tell us about your start into the fashion world.

RM: I was a dancer throughout high school. My dance teachers told me that I was too tall, too long, and I threw out the symmetry. I couldn’t carry out in any shows because of my height and my long arms, so they put me in the costume department. because it was a performing arts high school, it was a very major costume department and I started learning in depth how to make patterns, construct garments, and drape garments. At 17, I was not interested in college, and my brother knew Craig Taylor (a fashion designer) and called him up to get me an internship. At 18, I moved to nyc to begin this internship and I worked with Craig Taylor for two years. The CEO allowed me to work on my own clothing line when I had totally free time during the day.

PB: What was your big break?

RM: After 9/11 company picked up for me. By fluke I did a t-shirt that said “I love new York” and I cut it up and made it funky and sent it to my friend Jenna Elfman on September 9th just for her to wear. She got it September 13th and she wore it on Jay Leno. He asked about the t-shirt and then it was everywhere. It was my jump start. My boss told me to leave my job and go start my own line because I was so busy creating this shirt.

PB: how did you transition to bags?

RM: Jenna Elfman is a family friend and called me up and asked if I wanted to do a bag for a film she was going to be in. I said sure, I’ll try a bag, and that bag was the morning After Bag. Yet Fed Ex misdelivered and it did not get into the film. I made one for Jenna and one for myself and figured I would add it to the clothing line, it will just be one accessory. I had no objective of getting into bags. but then daily candy wrote about it and it just took off. So I stopped clothing because the demand for this bag was really strong and the clothing wasn’t at a point that I wanted it to be. So I switched to bags, only using the morning After Bag and switching the color, but my showroom said I had to have much more than one bag.

PB: Do you plan to branch out of handbags or get back into clothing?

RM: We are launching clothing for spring ’09. We want to do some belts and we will eventually go into shoes but shoes will be the last stop.

PB: What design aspects are crucial to your collections? What do you emphasize on?

RM: I like my bags to be two toned, or add in a different trim. I like to have a playful take on my bags. My bags may be named after a girl or a story. Each season has a theme, and bags named after that theme. I think a girl can purchase into an experience. In each bag, there is a card with a picture of a young boy with a phone number, so that every girl has a number of a man to call. It works too! You can call and leave messages to Vincent, who has a sexy French accent.

PB: What is your story for your spring line of handbags?

RM: Our story for spring is called stable Love. She is going stable now with a young boy (Steady bag).

PB: who is your fashion icon? Or most significant influence?

RM: Jenna was so instrumental to me, just like a Fairy God Mother. I am always taking a look at Sienna Miller’s style and could see her wearing my bags.

PB: how do you picture the common Rebecca Minkoff wearer?

RM: Some girls look at the bags and see a classic, but I think the girl is a mix of a little bit of a rocker and a girl that wants to take her bag anywhere. My bags are functional, fashionable, and a little bit edgy.

PB: Are celebrities carrying your bag a big focus/help?

RM: It has been a certain focus in the last 6-8 months. The much more people we know and can get our bags too really helps get my name out there. Jessica Simpson, Hayden Panettiere, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Bilson, Hilary Duff, Jenna ElfmaN, Debra -Messing und zahlreiche viel mehr Prominente haben meine Koffer getragen.

PB: Welche Tasche benutzt du jeden Tag?

RM: Ich benutze meinen Morgen danach normalerweise. Ich habe fünf meiner eigenen Taschen, die meine Grundnahrungsmittel sind. Der Stall und die Rose werden meine nächsten sein. Der Stall für den Alltag und die Rose für eine tolle Kupplung.

PB: Was tatst du den ganzen Tag in deine Tasche?

RM: Ich habe meine Gucci -Sonnenbrille, meine Videokamera (das wird viel gebraucht!), Schlüssel, Spiegel, Blackberry, um E -Mails, mein Handy, drei Lipglosses und etwas Kaugummi zu beantworten!

PB: Mit welchen drei Dingen können Sie nicht leben?

RM: Mein Freund, Schuhe – weil ich nur meine Taschen trage, tumme ich in Schuhe und meine Brombeere.

PB: Schuhe, was?

RM: Ich habe gerade in Italien ein Paar Sergio Rossi Heels gekauft und sie haben jetzt nur ein paar fantastische Schuhe.

PB: Was ist dein idealer Samstagabend?

RM: Mein Schatz ist Musiker, also hatte er letzten Samstag eine Show. Wir sahen ihn auf. Wir gingen und bekamen tolle Crepes in der Innenstadt. Und dann gingen wir mit ein paar Freunden zum Abendessen und blieben einfach wach und unterhielten uns. Nur etwas Niedriges mit meinen Freunden.

PB: Bitte sagen Sie uns, dass Sie Nutella auf Ihren Crepes mögen?!


PB: Was ist dein Lieblings -Versteck in NYC?

Wir lieben es, auf dem Union Square auf den Farmer’s Market zu gehen. Und wir lieben Freemans Gasse. Es hat eine tolle Dekor, ist eine sehr heimelige Art von Umgebung. Es ist sehr reichhaltiges Essen, aber nur ein fantastischer Ort, um zu gehen. Ich mag die Tatsache, dass Sie es finden und eine Gasse hinuntergehen müssen, um dazu zu kommen.

PB: Vielen Dank Rebecca, wir haben es geliebt, mit Ihnen zu chatten!

Das Interview endete und als wir Vlad und ich beide verließen, bemerkten wir, dass wir das Gefühl hatten, Rebecca sei ein alter Freund. Diese Designerin, die die Welt an ihren Fingerspitzen hat, hat ihre Füße am Boden gehalten. Ihre Entwürfe gedeihen weiter und ihr Name wächst weiter, aber Rebecca ist sehr zuversichtlich in die Person, die sie jetzt ist und die Person, die sie werden möchte. Nochmals vielen Dank an Rebecca Minkoff und Jill für die Einrichtung des Interviews.

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